Lafayette, LA Two-Fer: The Best Coffee in Louisiana

Lafayette, LA Two-Fer: The Best Coffee in Louisiana

Two-Fer (noun, a happy one): The part of the blog where we point the adults in the direction of the best caffeine close to a kid-approved activity.

Once in a while visits to family and other loved ones finds the Louisiana Krewe stopping in Lafayette, LA, for the day while Daddy works. This mama has discovered the BEST place to have coffee In Lafayette, and the mini-Krewe stop of choice has become the Louisiana Children’s Museum of Acadiana. I really should have more pictures of it here, but well, I don’t. Without being flip can I say that you know to what of expect of a kids’ museum and it’s not the star of this post anyway? Inside you’ll find a play café, a grocery store, an ambulance, and a fenced toddler play area (conveniently right in the middle of almost all of the other exhibits, if you have a range of ages you’d like to keep an eye on). The museum is not very big, but has plenty to entertain the Krewe for an entire morning, admission isn’t exorbitant, parking is plenteous, free, and right at the museum door, and there is a fenced outdoor picnic/play area perfect for lunch. In short, it’s a happy kid stop that fills the bill.

But oh, it’s the parent stop that makes my heart sing.

For lo, just a short two-block walk from the museum puts you at the home of the best latté in Louisiana (I would even venture to say the South): Rêve Coffee Roasters.


My latté was mellow and nutty, with the slightest hint of anise, and it cooled to a scrumptious berry-ness. It was, well, dreamy, and brought back memories of another dreamy latté we had in Prague a couple of years ago.

If you’re inclined to sit for a bit and need a place to park a kidlet, there was even a highchair tucked away in the alcove leading to the restroom. If you’re not walking from the kids’ museum, street parking is plenteous and cheap. Rêve has two locations in Lafayette, and one in Baton Rouge (in White Star Market). Both the Baton Rouge and Jefferson St. Lafayette locations are barely 5 minutes off of I-10 if you happen to by passing through and would consider a coffee detour. You know what I’d recommend.  Next trip don’t put it past me to make a detour both before AND after we visit the children’s museum.

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