Birmingham, Michigan Winter Markt

Birmingham, Michigan Winter Markt

On Sunday, we checked out the Winter Markt, another Christmas market in the Detroit area, this time in Birmingham, Michigan. Honestly, we weren’t expecting too much, but we were pleasantly surprised! The first booth we encountered was selling roasted almonds covered in cinnamon and sugar – a favorite of ours from European Christmas markets 🙂 It kept getting better from there, and we actually preferred this market to the Ann Arbor one from earlier in the week (Ideally, you won’t have to choose!)

Setting: The ambience at the Birmingham Winter Markt was more in line with what we were used to from Europe. It’s held along the paths of Shain Park, with booths along each side of the cobblestoned paths, and the setting and open spaces really hit the right chord.


Three-day event: As this market runs from Friday through Sunday on the first weekend in December, it was easier to fit into our schedule. Plus, if you’re close enough, you could go twice! I’d go once during the day when it’s a little warmer and again at night for the added ambiance that night brings to Christmas markets.

Payment methods: Some vendors only accepted cash, but 3 out of 4 that we visited took credit cards, which was nice. I know it’s not the biggest deal, but if you’re anything like me you never carry cash, so having more vendors accepting cards was a nice plus.

Parking: I can’t speak to availability on Friday/Saturday, but it was easy to find (free) parking in the garage at 333 Pierce St., Birmingham, MI 48009. This was less than a five minute walk from the market and couldn’t have been easier.

Additionally: This was more than a European-style Christmas market – American Christmas traditions were included as well! There was a Santa house for the kids, Santa’s reindeer (live ones!), and horse-drawn carriage rides as well. It’s neat to see the blending of cultures and it was done seamlessly.

The Glühwein was pricier here, but other than that most of the vendors had similar prices, so no biggie there.

One thing is sure – we’ll be back to the Birmingham Winter Markt next year!

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