Family Visit to Greenfield Village, Michigan

Family Visit to Greenfield Village, Michigan

Greenfield Village

Along with last month’s visit to the Henry Ford, we checked out Greenfield Village. This attraction was created around the same time as Colonial Williamsburg, but instead of constructing a new town, Ford wanted to bring actual buildings from different locations in America together to make a historical village. How else do you end up with a general store from Waterford, Michigan, in the same area as a covered bridge from Pennsylvania? What’s really special about the village is Henry Ford wanted to fill the town with buildings of historic significance in order to preserve history. So that’s just what he did! He brought in his own birthplace and one room schoolhouse from Dearborn, relocated the Wright brothers’ home and bicycle shop from Ohio, and moved many of Thomas Edison’s Menlo park buildings – and so many more. From Webster’s house to Georgian slave quarters, this is a slice of American town life that spans the country. You can ride Model T’s, 1930’s tour buses, and horse-drawn wagons through the streets and past all the historical buildings. (To see a map of Greenfield Village and see everything that awaits you, check out this map of it!)

The Wright Brothers’ Bicycle Shop

A cottage from the Cotswalds

Visit to Greenfield Village
Slave Quarters from The Hermitage Plantation in Georgia

Buses and Model T’s filled with passengers were constantly driving around and the drivers would honk and wave at the kids.

All of the adults and the older kids loved learning about each building and why it was selected to be in Greenfield Village. Each building had someone in period dress who would show additional pictures, explain about the items on display, and tell the kids what was significant about the structure. For the younger kids who weren’t as interested in history, they have a carousel and a fantastic playground!

We discussed admission costs and discount options to Greenfield Village in our post about the Henry Ford. All of the rides within the park are an additional cost, so you’ll want to take advantage of any discounts on admission that you can.

Greenfield Village also changes decorations and events with the seasons, making it worth returning to in the summer, as well as the holiday season. We’ll definitely be back!


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