DIY Bistro Table: To Build A Cafe Table

DIY Bistro Table: To Build A Cafe Table



Sometimes it’s little things that bring Europe into your home. Sometimes it’s the not-so-little things. This DIY bistro table one is probably the latter.

One thing about Europe – in particular Italy – that we’ve especially enjoyed has been the coffee culture. It’s easy to get reasonably-priced, high-quality coffee pretty much anywhere, with an espresso going for about a €1 and a cappuccino for €1.50-2. I’m not saying I’ve developed an eye twitch on more than one trip there, but I’m not saying I haven’t. Anyway, you get your coffee, then you either stand at a bar and drink it (very Italian), or sit at a table in the cafe and people-watch and hang out while you nurse your coffee (not so Italian, but I like it anyway).

We’ve been enjoying our coffee as espresso-based drinks at home for some time now (more on the coffee culture both in our house and abroad in another post) and have the coffee side of the equation down pat.


However, we’ve wanted to complete our at home cafe experience for a while now and had been looking for a table that fit the bill for over a year. But alas everything was too big, too small, too expensive… you get the picture. So we decided to build one.

One thing we really wanted was a marble top. However, the thing with marble is that it’s a calcite stone, which in a practical sense means it reacts with everything even slightly acidic – tomatoes, wine, citrus juices, you name it – and will etch, leaving a permanent mark. We decided to go for it anyway, but got the stone in a matte finish rather than polished because it blends and fades the etches more easily.

Our table top – we went with Carrera marble

So I found a local marble place and ordered the stone top. We went with a bigger table than you usually find at a cafe because we wanted to be able to seat four for coffee at it. (Another advantage of a DIY bistro table — you can customize it!) After ordering a base online, I bought a piece of plywood to support the top and cut it to a round-ish shape.

It’s kinda egg-shaped, but hey, it’ll do!

Once the base arrived, I set about assembling the whole thing.





With a little help from my boys it was done and where it needed to be in no time!

Pretty sweet, huh? I almost left it like this, I was that proud of my woodworking skills.

Then with help from Michelle we got the stone top in place.

Who am I kidding? This looks awesome.

The space still isn’t quite done – the chairs are enroute from Louisiana (don’t ask, long story). Once they arrive this weekend, we’ll post an update with the final result of our DIY bistro table!

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