Reading Round-Up: Recent Recommendations


Those of you who haven’t met us in real life may be forgiven for thinking that all we do is dream about travel and eat. And eat and travel. Well, almost. While I must admit those are indeed favorite activities, my first and constant love is reading. Below are three books (both children’s and adult’s) we’ve (Melissa and her munchkins) read recently that we thoroughly enjoyed and recommend to you.

Ok, so this book shouldn’t put to you sleep — the research on how sleep affects us and our brain (and whole body and every aspect of our health!) was fascinating. Well-written and not overly dense, it left me with a scientific backing for a guilt-free prioritization of my eight hours of the best. (Although bewilderingly the first chapter was full of wondering at how sleep evolved, and explanations as to how fundamental it is to life, which made no sense to me as to how life could have existed without sleep… but anyhow.) 4 stars.

I went into this book knowing really nothing about geopolitics, and ended it having (I think) a solid introduction to the subject. The author explains how geography affects  commerce, wars, culture, and current events, both past and present. (Mountain range in the way? Who knew that that’s part of the reason why that country is the way it is…) Concisely written, yet covers a lots of ground (so to speak…); it made several historical events make a lot more sense, and left me curious to read more about geopolitics. 4.5 stars.

I was browsing the juvenile audiobook section at our library when I spotted Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and thought, “Oh, cute classic child’s book. Sure.” Little did I know that we were in for a rollicking adventure full of a magical car, a secret cave, gangsters, a trip to France, and a kidnapping, all satisfactorily settled in the end. (I suppose I shouldn’t have expected less from the creator of James Bond. Yes, that Ian Fleming.) My eldest was absolutely enthralled, and begged me to turn it on every moment we got into the car (and wanted to listen to it again immediately upon finishing it!). 5 stars from the Krewe!

I’m currently on the hunt for a fun rollicking book of my own to read; I usually turn to a Daniel Silva, but I’d love to get a fresh recommendation!

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