Life Lately: Wedding Weekend!

Life Lately: Wedding Weekend!

So the clan (Cahoots Crew/Krewe included) gathered this past weekend to celebrate the marriage of one of our sisters. It was a DIY wedding, and it is an indication of how hectic it was that we failed to get a single Cahoots picture to mark the occasion (except the whole family one). Le sigh.

How DIY? Michelle organized and set up and decorated, our dear sister-in-love arranged the flowers (except for the boutonnieres and corsages, which Michelle and I made. YouTube tutorial, anyone?), I made the cake and played the piano, my oldest was the flower girl, the dads and uncles did heavy duty watching the kidlets, and our father officiated. Definitely a family affair! (Not sure I’d actually recommend that level of DIY, so it probably won’t be a repeated phenomenon to that extent for the next sister, but it got done. We love you anyway, sisters!!)

Chocolate raspberry wedding cake

It happened to be the same church where David and Michelle got married, so memories, memories!


Sunday morning after the wedding most of the family gathered at my (Melissa’s) house for a casual brunch; if I’m honest it was probably my favorite gathering of the weekend, because we actually got to sit and visit with everyone! Luxurious no-work brunch courtesy of 2 dozen frozen Trader Joe’s chocolate croissants (pain au chocolat). The best!!

Our kids have been thrilled to get in so much cousin time; any happy excuse to see each other and everyone else too! (Didn’t hurt that the Detroit Crew left snow behind to revel in spring weather and flip-flops.) Seeing the people we love best was icing on the cake (ahem) of a happy occasion!

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