Reading Round-up: April 2019

Reading Round-up: April 2019

With Melissa having shared her March Reading Round-up, I’m taking the baton for this round-up with my favorite books I’ve reads from March and April (so far!)


Written by Mike Rowe‘s mother, this book is a hilarious collection of stories about Peggy’s relationship with her mom. I listened to the audiobook, narrated by the author, and it really helped pass the time on a car trip.*  4 stars

*Did I mention that audiobooks have a soporific effect on my youngest three? Winning all around!


I really enjoyed this history of the world for children! It does a great job of explaining world history from the Stone Age to the Atomic Bomb in a way that children will understand. Because it’s written in a conversational tone, it would make for a great read-aloud! I feel like my eight year old is still a bit young to want to read through it, but maybe in another year or two?  Four stars



Did you know that the author of Pippi Longstocking wrote about her experiences during WWII? This was an enlightening read for me – hearing about Sweden’s neutrality during the war from the perspective of a civilian who kept a detailed diary of wartime happenings. You also get a glimpse of her unravelling marriage. Four stars



I know, I know.. another World War II memoir. 😉 This one was gripping from start to finish! It follows Betty Lauer, a German-Jewish teenager as she masquerades as a Polish Christian through the war, barely evading death for years on end. Five stars



This was in my arsenal of audiobooks for our trip to Louisiana and back and, really, what’s better for a long road trip than 15 1/2 hours of Beverly Cleary books? 😉 It was one of their favorite books they’d read (heard?) in a while! With half of these read by Neil Patrick Harris, try them and I’m sure you’ll agree. 5 stars


Read a good book lately? We’re always on the hunt for a new one, so let us know in the comments!

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