St James Cheese Company: My New Orleans

St James Cheese Company: My New Orleans

I am slowly starting to work my way down my list of places to eat in New Orleans; St James Cheese Company has been on that list for a while! It is devoted to, well, all things cheese, but also excels at turning that cheese into delicious lunchtime fare. Their food menu is not vast, but certainly more than ample. The shop is light and airy, with one wall lined with evSt. James Cheese Company Warehouse Districtery imaginable condiment to complement the cheeses for sale in the cooler — multiple sorts of mustard, jellies, preserves, even honeys. I ordered at the counter, and opted for the classic ham and brie on baguette with a side salad. Now, don’t get me wrong, the sandwich was on point; delectable, slightly melty brie, served on an excellent baguette, not to mention the quality ham. But it was the salad, of all things, that I really fell in love with. For starters, it is a rare salad that I don’t have to either cut up to eat it in something approaching a polite manner, or else try to maneuver large pieces of lettuce into my mouth (which never ends well). Not so with this salad. All the greens were bite sized, and each bite was perfectly dressed with a mustard dressing that had the exact amount of zing needed (that is, not too much). I think the salad is indicative of the attention to detail they must put into their fSt. James Cheese Company baguetteood. The baguette was a hit, but next time I’m definitely trying one of their salads! The St James Cheese Company also has $10 cheese platters for happy hour (3-6), which would make an excellent snack when touring the city.

The shop is kid-friendly (at least the one on Tchoupitoulas is); there are both booster seats as well as high chairs available, plus a kids’ cheese sandwich on the menu.  They also have a second location in Uptown.

Their gourmet food selection is great fun to browse, but I will definitely be back for a scrumptious lunch again soon!

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