Creole Creamery: My New Orleans

Creole Creamery: My New Orleans

Creole Creamery UptownWant to eat some amazing ice cream next time you’re in New Orleans? (Is that a stupid question or what?) We are embarrassed — nay, regretful — that it’s taken us this long to actually go visit Creole Creamery. Michael’s cousins have been raving on it for years; one of them actually imported Creole Creamery’s ice cream up to north Louisiana for her wedding, which she served instead of wedding cake. And yes, it is actually that good. This past weekend Michael and I did an overnight “staycation” for our anniversary, and decided that we ougCreol Creamery Menuht to visit Creole Creamery while we were out on the town. You know, for research before we brought the kids. . .We arrived at the Uptown location at about 9:00pm on a Friday night and it was booming — the line was nearly out the door! We enjoyed eyeing up what other customers were eating, and were pleasantly surprised that it seemed quite reasonably priced. The single $3 scoop is a generous serving!  But the staff kept the line moving quickly, and cheerfully served us a few samples before we decided on our flavors. Good thing, because deciding on what flavor you want is no small feat; they have an impressive array of both traditional and creative flavors. We heard people in line discussing how good the Cafe au Lait was, and they were right. It’s a perfectly balanced coffee flavor — full-flavored and luscious. The Salty Smoky Chocolate Almond was also a solid choice; it’s a rich chocolate filled with chopped smoky and, um, salty almonds. Yum! I loved that Creole Creamery offers tasting scoops (either 4/$5 or 6/$7) that would be a really fun way to explore their flavors. I’m definitely doing that next time. (EDIT: I went back a few days later with Michelle and a friend, and we shared the 6 scoop sampler. We can now attest that the lemon mascarpone, lavender honey, peanut butter fudge, magnolia flower, and mint chocolate chip are all delicious as well. Wildly diverse flavors, all done very well each  in their own

 way. We’re hooked.)  They also offer “baby scoops” for $2. Creole Creamery Flavors

Be advised — they only take cash, so come prepared. (Though if you get caught flat-footed there’s a bank right next door.) I appreciate that the prices listed include tax, so what you see on the board is what you pay.

We had no trouble finding street parking (which is free), though perhaps be prepared to park a block or so away and walk a little. If you’re looking for a cool treat after a day at the lovely Audubon Zoo, Creole Creamery is about a 10 minute drive from it, and is also just 2 blocks down from the St. Charles & Robert streetcar stop. It’s also right next door to the equally delicious (albeit in a much different way) St. James Cheese Company’s Uptown location, so I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how to plan a fabulous lunch out for all concerned.


4924 Prytania Street
New Orleans, LA 504-894-8680

Sunday-Thursday noon – 10pm

Friday-Saturday noon – 11pm

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