Favorite Italy Blogs and Resources

Favorite Italy Blogs and Resources

I loved reading about Melissa’s favorite France blogs and podcasts even though we have no trips to France on the horizon. I thought I’d share a few blogs and specific articles that I’ve found helpful in planning our upcoming trip to Italy.


I blame (in the best possible way) Georgette at Girl in Florence for our choice of Italy as a destination this fall. A year of following her on Instagram and seeing a barrage of gorgeous Italian food and street scenes had me humming Buona Sera and shopping flights. Some of my favorite parts of her site are the Florence-by-month guides, her tips for buying genuine leather in Florence, and her comprehensive Florence restaurants post. Georgette’s posts aren’t limited to Florence though; she has a tab for other Italian destinations and locations throughout well, the world!


Food maven Elizabeth Minchilli shares Italian recipes, restaurant recommendations, and musings on life in Italy through her books and on her blog. I’ve been pouring over her book Eating Rome before we go and it’s just a pleasure to read! I had heard she was a solid source for food recs, but seeing names like Barefoot Contessa and David Lebovitz endorsing this book really sold me on her work! Elizabeth has produced an app with restaurant recommendations sorted by city (free, with in-app purchase) that is a conveniently portable option for your next trip.


Castel Sant'Angelo Italy blogs

Expat Lauren Knight of the Aspiring Kennedy blog may live in London, but as a frequent traveler to Italy has created an Italy tab packed with beautiful pictures and practical tips for destinations like Venice, Florence, the Lakes, Cinque Terre, and more. And if you’re already on her site, you can lose hours watching vlogs about what it’s really like to have an au pair or having a baby in the NHS. You’ve been warned. 😉


Palatine Hill Italy blogs

An American in Rome is another blog with helpful information for your trip. Natalie is (naturally) based in Rome and has a plethora of posts about life in Italy and practical information. Wonder no longer what you shouldn’t eat in Italy while pregnant, how to get SIM card in Italy, or what a marocchino is!


Trying not to stand out as a tourist? Italy Chronicles blog has tips for blending in on your visit to RomeFlorence, or Venice. There’s also a helpful region-by-region guide to help you choose which area (state) of Italy to visit and so much more!


Italian nutella Italy blogs

If you’re visiting Rome, Smitten Kitchen’s trip notes from her vacation are a fun (and informative) read.


When traveling to an area that doesn’t feature heavily in the guidebooks, I often turn to Wikitravel. If you’ve never used it, Wikitravel has information on getting to your destination, getting around once you’ve arrived, sights to see, and where to eat (usually edited by locals!) I also find Wikitravel helpful for small segments of a big city – for instance if you want information on a specific neighborhood within Rome.


Finally, I’ll put in a plug for Rick Steves’ Italy book. I mainly prefer his books for the helpful information on sights, having sometimes found restaurant recommendations to be hit-or-miss. There’s a wealth of information in the back of his Italy book though – tips on eating with the seasons, wine and cheese terminology, and train ticket information. I’m already stockpiling books and movies off of his listing of “Books and Films about Italy.” Isn’t all this anticipation half the fun?


What are your favorite resources in planning a trip to Italy?

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