District Donuts: New Orleans Food

District Donuts: New Orleans Food

Officially called “District: Donuts. Sliders. Brew.”, District Donuts is a New Orleans spot well-deserving of a visit (or two) for any foodie. Along with creative donut flavors that rotate weekly (root beer, chocolate raspberry, strawberry cheesecake, and samoa, to name a few), their slider sandwiches are delicious, and they serve up excellent coffee as well! Everything is crafted from high-quality, fresh ingredients and you can watch them make the food, which is part of the fun if you ask me! Call it a one-stop shop for all things delicious.


District Donuts New Orleans food

We’re a little sheepish it’s taken us this long to put District Donuts on the blog, because it’s a spot we take visitors to regularly, as well as pop over to for a treat ourselves. (I mean, when it’s walking distance from French lessons, you do what ya gotta do to entertain the toddler crowd.) However, this delay does mean that we’ve sampled the menu pretty extensively! We can assure you that all donut flavors are delicious. We do tend to prefer the unfilled ones (the filled ones are very rich, definitely split them), but that’s a personal preference. The toasted coconut and chocolate raspberry flavors are stand-outs for us. And OH MY the chocolate glaze — it sounds so boring, doesn’t it? So simple? It’s NOT. It’s a rich, luscious chocolate ganache that is to die for. I bought one for my kids once and regretted not getting one for me. Their biscuits and fried chicken are no less scrumptious; any slider made with those is a winner!




Bacon Ranch Cheese Fries at District Donuts Chicken Slider at District Donuts

A newly discovered favorite (thanks to a friend RAVING on them) is their waffle cheese fries. Michelle recently tried the Bacon Ranch Cheese fries version, and despite the description reading like a heart attack waiting to happen, Michelle said it was 100% worth it and not a bad way to go. 😉 Waffle cheese fries are topped with ranch, candied jalapeños, and large chunks of bacon. Quality, top-notch bacon, natch. Michelle said (and I quote), “The jalapeños are indescribably good!!” (Note – these are also an option on their chicken sliders.) It’s very rich combination though, so you might consider splitting them.


Donuts at District Donuts

The atmosphere is a little hip and a little classic-warehouse-funky; the details are unique and entertaining to peruse. Most of the seating is booths (great for penning kids in!), making it easy to fit a small crowd in. Strollers are hard to navigate inside, so I’d recommend bringing a small one or visiting without a stroller if possible. Seating can be a little hard to come by when it’s busy. If you have a small ones (or want to enjoy some gorgeous weather when it hits), the original Magazine St. location has a charming back patio with more tables and chairs, plus a little extra room for wiggling.


Our personal menu suggestions would be to go with a group, and sample as follows:

Breakfast/Brunch: Everyone gets their favorite caffeinated beverage, a breakfast slider, and one donut — everyone gets a different flavor, and then share them for maximum tasting fun.

Lunch: Everyone gets two sliders, split some fries 2 or 3 ways, then split a donut for dessert. (Optional: Coffee at the end if you need to be revived from your food stupor.) (I have to admit we’ve never actually tried their salads, but they sound delicious, and I imagine that they are done equally as well as the rest of the menu.)



District Donuts has multiple locations (including one in Las Vegas!); you can see them all here, but the location we usually visit (and where the pictures are from) is located at:

2209 Magazine Street New Orleans LA 70130

(504) 570-6945

Hours: Everyday 7am-9pm

The donut flavors rotate weekly; you can drool over them on District Donut’s Instagram page.


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