Pensacola Donuts: In & Out Bakery

Pensacola Donuts: In & Out Bakery

As is a requirement of any respectable vacation, the time comes during the week when a donut run is called for. The donut shop that we had grown up going to in Pensacola had changed hands, and so we’ve been on the hunt for our new spot for Pensacola donuts. An internet search yielded a couple of possibilities; the closest one to us that looked good was In & Out Bakery. Off we went. The outside is very simple and unassuming, just a building in a strip mall, and the inside just as nondescript, but if you ask us that’s often how the tale of delicious food starts; this was no exception. This shop was all about the business of donuts.

Pensacola Donuts

The case of donuts gleamed with its enticing array of flavors, sprinkles, and shapes. We tried to get a many different ones as we could so that everyone would have something they liked, but there were plenty we didn’t get to try this time around!

variety of Donuts

Out we walked with two dozen donuts in a variety of flavors and a couple of apple fritters (we take our apple fritters seriously).

Donuts for a crowd

These Pensacola donuts are classics done right, with an occasional unexpected flavor: apple fritters, plain cake, chocolate cake, blueberry cake, lemon cruller, sour cream cruller, orange cake, chocolate glaze, maple bacon, cereal topped glazed yeast — we sampled them all, and they all were delicious!


donut run means happy kids

We loved not only their consistently yummy flavors and wide array of flavors, but also their reasonable prices — we spent about $26 for the two dozen donuts and two apple fritters.


Pensacola Donuts


The hours are as classic as the product: 5am to 4pm every day except Monday (closed).

In & Out Bakery

8084 North Davis Highway
Pensacola, FL 32514

(850) 760-2089

Pensacola bakery


We found this bakery on our own, but here’s someone else recommending it too, as well as a few other shops. Fear not, we will conduct extensive research on future trips. Meanwhile, you can read our other Pensacola favorites over here.


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