Melissa and her husband Michael raise their native Louisiana Krewe of four (ages 7 and under) on the Northshore of New Orleans. A musician by profession and a mother by vocation, Melissa loves baking, reading, swimming, and homeschooling her children. She is currently excited to learn about geography (at which she is terrible) and classical art (well, she’s looked at some paintings). Most of all, she and her husband hope to raise children who love God and are curious to explore his beautiful creation.

David and his wife Michelle are calling Detroit home these days, courtesy of the military. They too are homeschooling parents of four (all boys!) who love nothing more than exploring the world with kids in tow.  


Hi, I’m Christie! I’m a software developer with a deep interest in travel, learning, and good food. I love playing aunt to all of my “niblings,” and fortunately for me, aunting often coincides with traveling.