Adventures in Food: Recipes

We are food people who love nourishing people around our kitchen tables, friends and family, body and soul. We delight in discovering the world through new flavors and travel on our stomachs, but hold a deep love for the classics. Most importantly, we have many little bellies in our homes that never seem to get full, so we’re in the kitchen a lot! Below are some of our favorite recipes that we’ve discovered over the years. Some are quick and simple, some may take a little more prep time, but all of them are well-loved. We hope you enjoy them, too.

“People who love to eat are always the best people.” ~Julia Child

Adventures with Food: Indian Butter Chicken A surprising favorite-of-all-time meal of ALL of our children, Indian Butter Chicken a is flavorful budget-friendly recipe. The bulk of the prep can be done ahead of time if you’d like.

Adventures with Food: Carbonara with Fresh Pasta You don’t have to make fresh pasta to enjoy this creamy comfort pasta, but fresh pasta is awesome and way easier to make than we thought it would be! (Not to mention the kids think it’s the best thing ever to help make.) If you want to see the fresh pasta process, that can be found at Homemade Pasta.

Coffee culture, at home and abroad So this isn’t a recipe, per-se, but a little glimpse into how we sate the coffee-craving beast at home.

Adventures with Food: Carnitas Another all-time favorite meal of everyone that packs classic Mexican flavors into a recipe that keeps on giving. Make it ahead, reheat or freeze, double or triple for a crowd…It gets made often around here.

Fun with Food: Raising Adventurous Eaters Why under recipes? Because it’s more fun to cook (and easier to travel) when meals aren’t a battle! As I say in the post, we don’t have a lock on this subject, but thankfully these tips seem to be working pretty well so far…